Ethereum Starter Pack

Step-by-step guide to getting started in Ethereum development and a survey of useful resources cobbled together from various other guides.

Recommended step-by-step:

  1. Do introductory reading if new to the concepts of blockchain, smart contracts and decentralized finance.
  2. Complete CryptoZombies walkthrough to learn solidity syntax and NFT concepts:
  3. Do Solidity course on Chainshot to cement your understanding of smart contracts
  4. Walkthrough building a full React dApp: Complete Guide to Full Stack ETH Development - Video Course
  5. Familiarize yourself with Smart Contract security practices and run through Ethernaut hacking wargame to test your understanding.
  6. Setup a comprehensive production stack
  7. Now use your stack to build increasingly complex dApps without guardrails:

Congratulations, you’re now an expert in the most lucrative & in-demand field in coding.


All resources are free and mainly from conversations in the CryptoDevHub community - their wiki is highly recommended for further resources. BuildGuidl is another very helpful developer community with a lot of resources on their site.


Introductory Crypto/Blockchain Reading list

Introductory Crypto/Defi Reading list

The Beigepaper which describes Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in an easy to understand way:

Defi Report

How do Automated Market Makers work?

How does Compound work?

Resource Packs

DeFi Developer Road Map

Ethereum dApp Development Guide and Wiki:

Know Ethereum

Entry Guides (Like this One)

CryptoDevHub getting Started from Scratch:

How to Become a DeFi Developer

Joseph’s How to become an Ethereum Developer Guide:

Buidl Guide:


Interactive Tutorials

Solidity NFT Game Walkthrough:

The Ethernaut - Solidity hacking wargame



Ultimate Ethereum Dapp Tutorial (How to Build a Full Stack Decentralized Application Step-By-Step

Full Stack dApp Development:

Building a Dapp


Learn Solidity in Y Minutes

Solidity by Example


Ethereum Blockchain Developer Guide


Scaffold Eth - Ethereum dev stack focused on fast product iterations

Money Legos - DeFi Stack

OpenZeppelin - Secure Smart Contract Building Blocks

Best Practices & Security

Best Practices for Smart Contract Development

Ethereum Smart Contract Security Best Practices

Common Smart Contract vulnerabilities you might want to read through this article:

Security Resouces

Tips & Tools

Wiki: Comprehensive list:

Free Ethereum Gateway Hosting

Cloudflare offers a signup- and cost free hosted Ethereum Gateway –>

All you need to do is use in your web3.js or ethers provider setup call. No signup, no API key. Just copy- and paste and you’re connected to mainnet.

You can use this as a replacement for Infura or Alchemy if you e.g. want to save API credits.

Multicall - Bundle Contract Calls to Reduce Load

Multicall by Maker is a real “hidden” gem. It bundles multiple constant contract calls to reduce load on the Ethereum Node / Ethereum Node Provider you’re using.

You can i.e. do 10 requests but they’re then combined into just 1. This helps you save API credits when you’re e.g. using Infura.

You can use ethcall if you’re using ethers for a nice wrapper around multicall

Debug Smart Contract Reverts

If you ever get stuck with hard to debug Smart Contract reverts definitely check out the Tenderly Explorer:

Simply paste in your failed transaction, hit enter and you’ll get an in-depth stack trace of everything that happened up during the point your transaction was reverted.

This saved me hours while working with more complex Smart Contract calls in the context of Flash Loans…

Walletlink - Extensionless Wallet Connection

If you’re looking for a simple way to connect your users wallets to your dApp without the requirement for browser extensions, you might want to take a look at WalletLink:

Takes less than 5 minutes and 15 lines of code to setup

Gas Optimization Resources