Does NFT Bolster Authorship, or supersede it?

What NFT's mean for Anti-authorship Praxis

I’ve been thinking about what NFT means for anti-authorship praxis.

NFT extends and formalizes authorship via the blockhain ledger, however NFT also undermines authorship, by flattening it onto ownership. Original creator is a devalued meta tag, what is made important is ownership rights - which, importantly, are not COPY rights.

So the question of authorship really only comes at the stage of minting, who has the right to mint the jpeg and sell it?

This is something arbitrated artificially by the TOS of markets like open seas, but more commonly and organically by community consensus (not any different than the convergence consensus authentication in traditional provenance determination); it ends up being determined solely by market - if a fake is uploaded or another’s non tokenized work is “counterfeinting” by minting without being the ‘true creator’, if the someone were to intervene and mint it with proofs they’re the true creator, they’d presumably devalue the existing NFT as a retroactive “forgery”.